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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schema XML Memoir (Definition to Implementation)

XML datatype first introduce in SQL SERVER 2005 as a column and it has a lots of benefits and implementation in today's environment. There are some restrictions in defining xml as a data type but still it has a huge benefits for large objects and complex structures like student information history, patient history in hospital management, logical comparison of properties in Property based database and CV detail of employees on any CV site. All of above have huge data to store but very little to update only thing required is to compare and return.

I have assigned task to optimize a table for its DML and reading operation and this table has XML column in int. I am not a beginner in xml implementation but I have assigned task to optimized it first time in last 5 years so this was quite a good task for me I have searched for it and complete this task by improving around 75% time. During this process I have learned many new things and I want to share it from start till end step by step.

I have gathered this information by performing operations on my environment and also using following links

Please have a look at the following links I have discussed in detail

1.       Typed XML vs UnTyped XML
4.       Binding and Verify XML Schema with database
5.       Create Column with XML Schema
6.       Quering data from XML
7.       Insert, Update and Delete on an XML
8.       Creating Indexes on XML Column
a.       Primary Index
b.      Secondary Index (Property, Value, Path)
9.       Drop or Alter XML Schema structure
10.   Why and Why Not XML
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