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Presentation -- Introduction to Database,SQL and TSQL

In this presentation we will look into some basics about Database and SQL, Normalization, TSQL, SQL options, View, function and procedure structure.

I am going to paste all ppt screens and past their data as well. I have delivered this in 2009

Database is a structured collection of records or data.oRelational database management system is to keep record in relational form like tables relation.

Database normalization is the process of removing redundant data from your tables in to improve storage efficiency, data integrity, and scalability

oFirst normal form There are no duplication in rows In first normal form (1NF), each row much be unique. Column values are of same data type and kind

oSecond normal form The first normal form should be met the redundant data from entity is removed The column level data should be removed if it is repeatedoEssentially removes any non keys attributes that repeats In second normal form (2NF), all attributes that are not part of the key must depend on the entire key for that entity.

oThird normal form It is commonly referred to BCNF. It states that no attribute of the entity should fail to describe the key of the entity if an attribute does not describe the key of the entity it should be removed or replaced in another entity that already exists

• A query is a user–request to retrieve data or information.
• SQL is a query language that allows user to specify the conditions.

The user specifies a certain condition (optional).
The program will go through all the records in the database file and select those records that satisfy the condition.(searching).
Statistical information of the data.
The result of the query will then be stored in form of a table

Query types

Select queries.

Parameter queries.

Crosstab queries.

Action queries.

SQL queries.

Select statement structure in detail.
  • Basic Function
  • Group By
  • Having
  • Where
  • Basic features chart
  • Advance features chart
  • etc.

oTransactional SQL used to perform multiple sql between transactions
oXml query language used to return xml data. Major function are exists (), query (), node (), value (), .modify()
oMulti-dimension query language to run dimension especially for OLAP databases (data-warehousing). 

T-SQL (Transact-SQL) is a set of programming extensions that used for transaction control, exception and error handling, row processing, and declared variables.
Microsoft's Sql server support T-SQL statements. 

Now we will into details like how can we write each
  • Output
  • Views
  • Functions
  • Store procedures
  • Triggers

X-query is a language used to query xml in sql server 2005.
Loop and flower function can be used in schema xml in sql server 2005.
Functions of X-query
exists () return Boolean value as True or False
query () return portion of xml whose path is specified
node () return node value of the required node
value () return value of element or attribute
modify() modify xml data in existing structure.

In the last i have shared all links i have used to prepare this presentation.

I will share a separate presentation about XQuery usage in SQL server 2005 and above. 

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