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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Windows Azure SQL Database Support in SQL Server 2012

Microsoft Windows Azure SQL Database supports some, but not all, of the programmability enhancements made in the SQL Server 2012 Database Engine. This topic describes which SQL Server 2012 programmability enhancements are supported in Windows Azure SQL Database.

·         OFFSET … FETCH: Supported in ORDER BY clause.

·         Error Handling: THROW: Supported

·         Metadata Discovery: Windows Azure SQL Database supports the use of management functions sp_describe_first_result_set and sp_describe_undeclared_parameters in place of SET FMTONLY to determine the format of a response without actually running the query are not supported.
·         EXEC … WITH RESULT SETS: Supported in enforcing contracts for result sets for the EXEC command.

·         New Conversion Functions: Windows Azure SQL Database supports TRY_CAST for converting for all types, and it supports FORMAT, PARSE, and TRY_PARSE for converting to and from strings.

·         New String Functions: The CONCAT string function is supported in Windows Azure SQL Database.


·         New Logical Functions: Windows Azure SQL Database supports IIF and CHOOSE.

·         New Spatial Features: Windows Azure SQL Database supports enhancements to spatial data types; new and updated methods and aggregates for geometry and geography; improved precision, enhancements to the geography type; spatial performance improvements; spatial helper stored procedures; support for persisted computed columns; and changes in the client-side spatial programming library.

·         Query Optimizer: The enhanced query optimizer hints, FORCESEEK and FORCESCAN, are supported.

SQL Server 2014 CTP 1 has been released and available for download (Hekaton)

SQL Server 2014 CTP 1 has been released and available for download (Hekaton)

Hekaton SQL Server 2014 STP1

Product guide is available on
SQL Server 2014 Product Guide

Project code-named “Hekaton”: “Hekaton” provides in-memory OLTP capabilities built into core SQL Server database to significantly improve the performance of your database application. 

xVelocity ColumnStore:  xVelocity ColumnStore provides in-memory capabilities for data warehousing workloads that result in dramatic improvement for query performance, load speed, and scan rate, while significantly reducing resource utilization (i.e., I/O, disk and memory footprint). 

Extending Memory to SSDs:  Seamlessly and transparently integrates solid-state storage into SQL Server by using SSDs as an extension to the database buffer pool, allowing more in-memory processing and reducing disk IO.

New AlwaysOn features: availability Groups now support up to 8 secondary replicas that remain available for reads at all times, even in the presence of network failures.

Improved Online Database Operations: includes single partition online index rebuild and managing lock priority for table partition switch, greatly increasing enterprise application availability by reducing maintenance downtime impact.

You can also view SQL Server 2014 CTP1 on Azure