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Monday, May 14, 2012

Database Mirroring sometime requires Transactional log backups

I have passed a different type of problem during database mirroring setup. I have searched this problem on Google and did not found any perfect line of suggestion to reproduce this. I want to share this with all of my fellows and how do i resolve this problem.

Sometimes database Full backup is not enough to start database mirroring on mirror session. We need to take Transactional log backup from the principal database and restore it to the mirror database to get sufficient data synchronization between Principal and Mirror dbs.

This my happen due to following reasons

1- There are enough changes on Principal Log before starting mirroring if previously paused or not started on Mirror server.
2- Mirroring status may be paused due to insufficient space on Mirror server drives.
3- During manual fail-over Network issue may cause log changes differently.

How will we restore and start mirroring by taking log backups we need to do followings.

Take a full backup of a Principal database and restore it on Mirror server. You can see detail about how can database mirroring be implemented on following link. some activities on master and then restart principal server. This action will commit or rollback uncommitted changes on log file and log file commit point changes from mirroring server restored copy.

Now try to start mirroring and you get following message.

Now to overcome this problem we need to take a transactional log backup of principal database.

restore this backup on mirror server.

check restore.


Now on starting mirroring session you will successfully configure mirror setup.

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