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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SQL SERVER 2012 Enhancements summery

SQL SERVER 2012 Enhancements

Cloud-ready platform

Database Administrators

·         AlwaysOn Availability Groups
·         AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances (FCI)
·         Support for Windows Server Core
·         Recovery Advisor  (Scroll bar to show when and which backup will take place)

Scalability and Performance Enhancements

·         Column store Indexes
·         Partition Support Increased ( up to 15000)
·         Online Index Create, Rebuild, and Drop ( Max data types)
·         Achieve Maximum Scalability with Windows Server 2008 R2 ( support up to 256 processors and  2 TB memory in single OS instance)

Manageability Enhancements

·         SQL Server Management Studio
·         IntelliSense Enhancements
·         A new Insert Snippet menu to insert template (CTRL+K)
·         Transact-SQL Debugger
·         Resource Governor Enhancements (dm_resource_governor_resource_pool_affinity)
·         Tight Integration with SQL Azure
·         Easy Startup Options Relocated
·         Data-Tier Application (DAC) Enhancements (single unit of deployment containing all of the database’s schema, dependent objects, and deployment requirements used by an application)

Security Enhancements

·         User-defined server roles for easier separation of duties
·         Audit enhancements on all SKUs to improve compliance and resiliency
o   Stop, continue and fail audit on network failure
o   User define audit events like application users  using sys.sp_audit_write
o   Extended event can filter data in audit saving.
·         Simplified security management, with a default schema for groups
·         Contained Database Authentication, which provides database authentication that uses self-contained access information without the need for server logins
o   Self-copy of database, no orphan users
o   Used in migration and not in replication, change data capture
·         SharePoint and Active Directory security models for higher data security in end-user reports

Programmability Enhancements

·         FileTable It builds on FILESTREAM technology. FileTable offers organizations Windows file namespace support and Application compatibility with the file data stored in SQL Server.
·         Statistical Semantic Search  Three new Transact-SQL rowset functions to query unstructured data
·         Full-Text Search Enhancements finding author, title etc from file without open it

Editions ( 32 and 64 bit)
·         Enterprise edition
·         Standard edition
·         Business Intelligence edition
·         Specialized editions
o   Web
o   Developer

o   Express

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