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Friday, August 30, 2013

SQL SERVER 2012 HIGH AVAILABILITY SOLUTION (SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Installation)

In my previous post; We have learnt how to install Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Cluster. Reivew from this link
to Setup SQL Cluster we need to install SQL Server 2012.
SQL Server 2012 Installation
You can install standalone SQL server 2012 on both nodes that are ready for cluster setup or you can install it using single cluster node wizard. Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 or above needs to be installed on VMs. I will perform standalone here, cluster node installation require share disk to be install and I am doing this on share folder, that’s why I am unable to install SQL server using single cluster node installation.

Needs to add feature from windows features  

Start SQL Server installation this is Enterprise setup

SQL Server 2012 install updates if required. Internet connection is required

If there is any error or warning message i.e firewall is enabled, allow proper ports or disable firewall

Select appropriate features that are required to install for always on feature. Features are
  • SQL Server setup
  • Network Name,
  • IP Address,
  • Shared disk or nodes,
  • Database Engine,
  • Agent Service,
  • Analysis Services if installed,
  • One file share resource, if FILESTREAM feature is installed.

Along with database engine, analysis services service will be installed 

Changed database engine service account from [NT Service] user to the domain user i.e SQL . Otherwise it will generate error while you are configuring always group through wizard.

Mix user mode selected

SQL Server 2012 successfully installed. Please install it on both nodes to complete SQL Server Always On availability Group.

In Next Step 

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