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Monday, July 13, 2009

New Features in SQL Server 2008 Katmai

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 introduces several important new Transact‑SQL programmability features and enhances some existing ones. You can find details in SQL Server Books Online.

Following are highlighted features

1. Declaring and initializing variables :
2. Compound assignment operators :
3. Table value constructor support through the VALUES clause
4. Enhancements to the CONVERT function
5. New date and time data types and functions
6. Large UDTs
7. The HIERARCHYID data type
8. Table types and table-valued parameters
9. The MERGE statement, grouping sets enhancements
10.DDL trigger enhancements
11.Sparse columns
12.Filtered indexes
13.Large CLR user-defined aggregates
14.Multi-input CLR user-defined aggregates
15.The ORDER option for CLR table-valued functions
16.Object dependencies
17.Change data capture
18.Collation alignment with Microsoft® Windows®

I have picked this list from official website of Microsoft TECHNET.I will define it in detail one by one.You can also get detail from this attached link.

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